Submissions to The Wall Mag are always open.

The guidelines are simple: 500-1000 words, 1 album, nonfiction. Got some love to share or looking for an excuse to put your thoughts into words? Send in a piece about the first time you heard an album and how it changed your life. Send in a raving review of your favourite album of the year. Send in a snarky rant about an album you think is overrated. Send us a confession about your guilty pleasure listening. We want to read it all and listen to it all.

If someone has already written about the album your want to write about – great! Give us your perspective. If you want to write about an album which isn’t by an English-speaking artist – amazing! Introduce us to new sounds.

The Wall Mag is all about sharing stories and music. All levels of experience, all styles and genres are welcome. Each piece will go through a short editing process just to polish it up and then be shared on the website.

Spread the good vibes.

 Send all submissions, pitches and questions to


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